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Bespoke Cakes

Instagram-worthy buttercream cakes


Each cake is created to the highest standard with your design brief in mind. No two cakes are the same and that's the charm. The bespoke range is totally customisable, the cake is your oyster, so to speak.

Coming in 3 different sizes (4", 6" & 8") as well as being double barrel cakes, they make incredible centrepieces for your special occasion. I work within my modern style and skill set, staying on-trend to create pure luxe cakes with a vast choice of flavours.

Prices start from:
4" - £65, 6" - £90 & 8" - £125

Heart Cakes

all you need is love (and a heart-shaped cake)


The latest trend for 2024 is the Heart Cake! From simple to vintage this versatile cake is perfect for so many occasions. 

Coming in 2 different sizes (6" & 8") and either 2 sponge layers or 3 depending on the design, no colour is off limits. Get in touch by clicking the button below to make sure you have the trendiest cake at your event.

Prices start from:
2 Layer - 6" - £55 & 8" - £75
3 Layer - 6" - £80 & 8" - £100

Simple Cakes

cakes on a budget


This range is for those looking for a smaller cake with no obvious theme.  You can choose your colour palette, an edible fondant message on top and a candle.

Coming in 2 different sizes (6" & 8") and just 2 sponge layers instead of 4 l
ike the bespoke cake range.

You can choose from: 
Vanilla & Raspberry Conserve, Chocolate & Dairy Milk or Lemon & Lemon Curd

Prices start from: 6" - £45 & 8" - £65

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